Jacksonville Theft Caught on Video May Be Robbery

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I want to know about crimes that occur in Northeast Florida.  I am especially interested when there is a videotape, because this is evidence.  It is not uncommon for a Jacksonville burglary to be caught … Continue reading

Clay County Grand Theft, Petit Theft, Burglary, and Criminal Mischief

Jacksonville Burglary Charge

The Florida Times Union posts property crimes for the week on its website, Jacksonville.com.  These crimes range from Florida grand theft to Jacksonville petty theft.  They also include Jacksonville burglary and robbery cases.  If you have been arrested or are … Continue reading

Jacksonville Burglary, Theft, and Robbery Charges Under Florida Law

Jacksonville Burglary Dwelling Lawyer

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I often hear people use the terms burglary, theft, and robbery interchangeably.  Under Florida’s theft laws, they are not the same.  Jacksonville theft is the only one of these crimes that can be a misdemeanor.  … Continue reading

Florida Juvenile Arrest for Robbery at Jacksonville Beach

Yesterday, I was at the Duval County Regional Juvenile Detention Center.  This is jail for Jacksonville juvenile delinquents.  The children that are not released to their parents or placed on home detention stay in this detention center while their court … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Case Prohibits Harsh Sentencing for Florida Juvenile Charges

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Charges

In 2009, the United States Supreme Court ruled on two Florida cases that challenged the sentencing of two Florida juvenile criminal defendants to life without the possibility of parole in non-homicide cases.  Two Florida juveniles were sentenced to life in … Continue reading