Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended License Arrest May Be Felony

If you are driving on a suspended or revoked license in Jacksonville, you may be subject to anything from a civil traffic ticket to a felony arrest. Unknowingly driving on a suspended or revoked license is a civil traffic ticket … Continue reading

How Much To Hire a Jacksonville Lawyer to Reinstate My Drivers License?

Jacksonville Ticket Attorney

I often receive telephone calls from people wondering how much it will cost to hire a Jacksonville attorney to help reinstate their drivers licenses. There is no definite answer, because it depends on your driving record and the reason for … Continue reading

Florida Drivers License Suspended as Habitual Traffic Offender

Has your drivers license been suspended as a habitual traffic offender in Jacksonville FL? Are you facing a 5-year drivers license suspension due to prior Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license convictions? If so, contact a Jacksonville drivers … Continue reading

Jacksonville Car Accident Investigation May Lead to DUI Charges

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is looking for a vehicle that was found over the weekend submerged in water. The driver could not be found near the accident site. First Coast News of Jacksonville reported, “A white pickup truck was traveling … Continue reading

Duval County Traffic Tickets Issued in Jacksonville Beach FL

It appears that a lot of Jacksonville Beach residents and visitors to the area went home with Jacksonville traffic tickets over the weekend. This includes people that were driving in Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. The Florida Times Union reported, … Continue reading

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene Arrest After Hit and Run

You may be charged with a crime if you leave the scene of an accident in Jacksonville FL. The level of offense that you may be charged with will depend on the damage or injuries involved. When you are charged … Continue reading

Can Florida Habitual Traffic Offenders Get Drivers Licenses?

Is a Florida habitual traffic offender able to obtain a drivers license? How can I get my drivers license back after it has been suspended for 5 years in Clay County? Will a Jacksonville drivers license attorney be able to … Continue reading

How to Reinstate Your Florida Drivers License After DUI Arrest

If you were arrested in Jacksonville for driving under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol (DUI), you are likely concerned about your drivers license.  A Jacksonville DUI arrest will cause your Florida drivers license to be suspended.  You … Continue reading

Jacksonville Fireman Arrested for DUI in Clay County FL

An arrest alone can affect your job.  Even if the charges are dropped, reduced, or you are found not guilty, an arrest may still appear on a Florida criminal background check.  This may affect your job or employment opportunities.  For … Continue reading

Jacksonville Beach Leaving the Scene of Accident and DUI Arrest

I read an article today about a man that was arrested in Jacksonville Beach for several criminal traffic charges.  The headline read “Man charged with DUI after crashing into store.”  Jacksonville Channel 4 News ran the story stating: “A hit-and-run … Continue reading