Duval County Prosecutor and Florida Criminal Lawyer Opening Statements in Zimmerman Case

After approximately two weeks of jury selection, the George Zimmerman murder case started today.  In a Florida criminal trial, the State of Florida presents their case first.  This means that the prosecutor will always give the first opening statement.  There … Continue reading

Zimmerman’s Criminal Attorneys Argue Martin Was Violent

Jacksonville criminal lawyers and attorneys all over the state have been following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  This is mainly due to the fact that Florida’s stand your ground law was thrown into the middle of a national controversy.  Read Florida … Continue reading

Giving False Information or Lying to Police Officers in Florida and Brunswick Baby Shooting

Florida criminal law makes it a crime to give police officers false information concerning a criminal investigation.  It is not out of the ordinary for someone to lie to police officers.  It is rare to see it as a headline … Continue reading

Duval County State Attorney to Prosecute Jacksonville Stand Your Ground Case

Last year was a big year for the Florida Stand Your Ground Law.  The George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case drew the most attention to Florida’s self defense laws.  Although this case did not occur in Jacksonville, Duval County became … Continue reading