Clay County Florida Drug Arrests for Cocaine and Pills

Maurice Futch Clay County Drug Arrest

  On Monday, 47 people were arrested for various Florida drug charges.  The Clay County Drug Task Force conducted a warrant sweep.  Men and women from Duval, Putnam, and Clay County were arrested.  There was a 48th suspect.  He “was … Continue reading

Duval County Juvenile Arrest for Jacksonville Beach Shooting

Duval County Arrest Daniel Jarrett

A shooting occurred in Jacksonville Beach on Monday night. According to Sergeant Tom Bingham, Public Information Officer for the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, “the shooting happened at the intersection of 3rd Avenue South and 7th Street South at 11 p.m.”  … Continue reading

Ability to Buy Firearms With Jacksonville Domestic Battery or Florida Felony Charges


Have you been arrested for a felony in Duval County?  Did you plead no contest or guilty to a criminal case in Clay County?  Did you receive a withhold on a felony charge in St. Johns County?  If you pleaded … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer for Hit and Run Accident

Jacksonville Hit and Run Defense Lawyer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I like to write articles about Florida’s criminal laws.  I also like to write about experiences that I have encountered in my career as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.  Sometimes, I enjoy posting blogs about … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Charges for Florida Ecstasy Trafficking

Jacksonville possession of ecstasy MDMA

Jacksonville drug charges can range from misdemeanor Jacksonville possession of marijuana to felony Jacksonville possession of a controlled substance or cocaine.  If you are arrested for a certain amount of drugs in Jacksonville, you will be charged with Florida drug … Continue reading

Can I Be Charged with Jacksonville Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon When My Spouse owns the Gun?

Florida Felony Gun Charges

The Florida gun law that prohibits convicted felons from possessing a gun in Jacksonville is Florida Statute 790.23.  This Florida gun law makes it a felony crime for a person that has ever been previously convicted or adjudicated guilty of … Continue reading

Jacksonville Possession of a Firearm, Gun, or Weapon during Florida Search

Jacksonville Police Search for Firearm

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville carrying a concealed weapon?  Were you charged with Jacksonville possession of a firearm by a convicted felon?  If you were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Jacksonville or possession of a firearm by … Continue reading