Florida Firearm Laws and Obama’s Gun Control Proposal

Florida Gun Laws

To many Americans, gun laws are important.  There have been protests against Obama’s proposed gun laws.  Gun control advocates have petition for anti-gun laws and reform for firearm laws.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, there … Continue reading

Florida Juvenile Arrest for Robbery at Jacksonville Beach

Yesterday, I was at the Duval County Regional Juvenile Detention Center.  This is jail for Jacksonville juvenile delinquents.  The children that are not released to their parents or placed on home detention stay in this detention center while their court … Continue reading

Florida Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Case Witnesses Change Stories

I have been a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville fighting for people arrested and charged with crimes in Florida for several years.  I worked as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney at the Duval County Public Defender’s Office and handled almost every … Continue reading

Jacksonville Possession of a Firearm, Gun, or Weapon during Florida Search

Jacksonville Police Search for Firearm

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville carrying a concealed weapon?  Were you charged with Jacksonville possession of a firearm by a convicted felon?  If you were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Jacksonville or possession of a firearm by … Continue reading