Jacksonville Traffic Ticket for Flashing Lights in Florida

Jacksonville ticket for head lights

Under Florida traffic laws, you may receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket for a variety of Florida traffic violations. The most common Jacksonville traffic citation is a Florida speeding ticket.  A Florida speeding ticket is a civil traffic citation.  Other common … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer for Florida Suspended License

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, I have seen Florida drivers licenses suspended for a variety of reasons. Normally, when a Florida drivers license is suspended, it is because the driver received a Florida speeding ticket.  If you have received … Continue reading

How Much Will a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cost Me?

Cost of Lawyer in Jacksonville

If you are looking to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, you are probably wondering how much a Jacksonville lawyer will cost you.  In Jacksonville, a Florida attorney’s fees can range from a nominal fee for a Florida speeding ticket lawyer … Continue reading

Florida Drivers License Lawyer for Jacksonville DUI Suspensed License

A Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence charge is extremely costly for anyone arrested for drinking and driving in Florida.  When you are arrested for drinking and driving in Florida, there are a lot of expenses.  First, you need to get … Continue reading

Florida Hardship License for Jacksonville DUI Suspension

Jacksonville DUI Suspended License

If you were arrested for Jacksonville driving under the influence (Jacksonville DUI), your license was likely suspended.  If you are convicted of Jacksonville DUI, your Florida driver’s license will be suspended for a certain time period.  With Jacksonville DUI or … Continue reading

Florida License Suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender in Jacksonville

A Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender is a driver with a Florida Drivers License that has been suspended for five years due to his or her Florida driving record.  With most Jacksonville habitual traffic offender drivers license suspensions, the habitual traffic … Continue reading

Florida Drivers License Suspended for Jacksonville Drug Conviction

Jacksonville Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville possession of marijuana charges in Duval County, Florida?  Were you charged with possession cocaine in St. Johns County, Florida? Were you convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia in Clay County, Florida?  If you have … Continue reading

Will I Get Points on My Florida Drivers License from a Speeding Ticket in Another State?

Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have been given a traffic ticket in Jacksonville or speeding ticket in Florida, you may have points on your Florida driver’s license.  A moving violation, such as a Florida speeding ticket, ticket for failure to yield (running a … Continue reading

Fix a Florida Suspended Drivers License in Jacksonville

Florida Drivers License

As a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer, people often ask me, “How do I get my driver’s license back in Florida?”  When your driver’s license is suspend in Jacksonville, all you can think about is getting your Florida drivers license back.  … Continue reading

Miss a Court Date in Jacksonville and Get an Arrest Warrant

Arrested in Jacksonville

“HELP! I missed a court date in Jacksonville, Florida.  Now, there is a Florida warrant out for my arrest in Jacksonville! Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers are no strangers to hearing: “I was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.  I bonded out of the … Continue reading