How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost for a Florida Juvenile Case?

Price of Florida Juvenile Criminal Attorney

The price of a Jacksonville criminal lawyer will vary depending on the type of case.  The more serious crimes usually cost more.  Hiring a Clay County lawyer to defend you for a Florida grand theft or burglary case will cost … Continue reading

Jacksonville Lawyer on Probation and Community Service Hours

If you have been convicted of a crime or given a withhold of adjudication, you were sentenced for your crime.  If you were arrested for Jacksonville petit theft and you did not owe any restitution, you may have been sentence … Continue reading

Arrested for New Florida Criminal Charges While on Probation in Jacksonville

Violate Probation in Jacksonville FL

May people in the criminal justice system are placed on probation instead of being sentenced to time in jail or prison.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I want all of my clients to successfully complete their Florida probation. Still, … Continue reading

How Can I Clear a Florida Background Check?

When you apply for a job, the employer may run a background check.  This could cause you to lose your chance of getting the job.  If you are trying to go to college, the university or school may look a … Continue reading

Jacksonville Police Investigate Hit and Run Accident and Battery Charges

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of Accident

For anyone that visited Mavericks Rock N’ Roll Honky Tonk located in the Jacksonville Landing last Thursday night, this was no ordinary night.  It appears that a man is suspected for several criminal charges.  In particular, police are looking to … Continue reading

Can People See My Florida Record After it is Sealed or Expunged?

Who Can See a Florida Criminal Record

I am a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville.  Due to my career, I have been sealing and expunging records in Florida for years.  I have sealed different types of criminal records.  These criminal record seals range from Jacksonville battery charges and … Continue reading

Did You Violate Your Jacksonville Probation with Drug Charges?

Jacksonville Drug Arrest

When a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer starts on a criminal case, it is usually shortly after a person is arrested.  If you plead guilty or no contest to a crime, you may be sentenced to probation.  If a judge sentences you, … Continue reading

A Jacksonville Lawyer’s Take on the Right to Remain Silent in Florida

Right to Remain Silent

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I cannot stress how important your constitutional rights are.  People that have been accused of a crime in Jacksonville or arrested for a criminal charge will often speak to police about the charge.  Sometimes, they … Continue reading