Jacksonville Florida Shoplifting Charges For College Students

Florida Teenager Criminal Lawyer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people charged with many different types of crimes.  In some cases, people were charged with misdemeanors like Florida assault or Jacksonville domestic battery.  In other cases, they were facing felony charges ranging … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer for Domestic and Family Crimes

Duval County Domestic Battery Attorney

I remember my second day as a Duval County attorney at the Office of the Public Defender.  On my first day, I did a lot of paperwork, met the other criminal attorneys that I would be working with, and settled … Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Seal or Expunge FL Criminal Record

Cost of FL Lawyer

If you want to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record, you are probably wondering how much it is going to cost.  Should you hire a Jacksonville lawyer to seal or expunge your Florida record?  You want to know how … Continue reading

Florida Aggravated Assault Charges for Jacksonville Beach Attack

Yesterday, I wrote an article on this Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Blog.  It was called Jacksonville Domestic Battery and Violence During Christmas.  I read an article about a violent altercation between a man and woman in Jacksonville Beach FL.  Due … Continue reading

Jacksonville Domestic Battery and Violence During Christmas

Jacksonville Domestic Battery Lawyer

The holiday season and Christmas is usually a joyous time for most people.  It is full of family gatherings.  It is also a stressful time with financial pressures.  This can lead to domestic violence in households.  Jacksonville domestic battery arrests … Continue reading

Jacksonville FL Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence

Florida Domestic Violence

When you think of Jacksonville lawyers, you think of a variety of types of attorneys.  There are attorneys for Jacksonville foreclosure and bankruptcy.  There are Duval County lawyers for personal injury and car accidents.  When it comes to Jacksonville domestic … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers Information for Duval County Arrests

Duval County Criminal Attorneys

When people are arrested in Duval County, they usually search for a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  They may ask their friends about Duval County Lawyers.  If they were arrested in Orange Park or Green Cove Springs, they will be searching for … Continue reading

How Much is a Jacksonville Lawyer for a Criminal Case

How Much is Jacksonville Attorney

Imagine that you were arrested for Jacksonville driving under the influence in Duval County.  The first thing on your mind is the fact that you are going to jail.  The second thing that you are thinking may be that you … Continue reading

How Long Will It Take to Seal or Expunge My Florida Record

Time to Expunge Your Jacksonville Record

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery?  Did the Duval County prosecutor drop the Jacksonville battery charges?  Even though the charges were dropped, the arrest will still show up on a criminal background check.  If your domestic battery charges … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Arrest Reports and Charges in Duval County

I like to write about local news stories my Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer blog.  I look at our local news outlets, such as The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, and Channel 4 News, so I can get an idea about … Continue reading