Jacksonville Witness Sentenced to Prison for Theft and Burglary

In Florida, grand theft, burglary, and dealing in stolen property are felony crimes that may result in a long prison sentence.  The sentence depends on a variety of factors.  This includes the degree of felony, the amount of charges pending, … Continue reading

Florida Burglary Arrest After Man Caught Stealing on Camera

As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have represented people charged with stealing. The charges range from felonies, such as robbery and burglary, to misdemeanors like petty theft and shoplifting in Jacksonville FL. Any type of Jacksonville theft arrest is serious. … Continue reading

15 Months in Prison for St Johns County Burglary and Dealing in Stolen Property

Andrew Michael Schmidt was arrested in St. Johns County Florida on January 3, 2013.  The “St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies suspected him of stealing jewelry, silver coins and bars and money from an 82-year-old resident” at Glenmoor Retirement Community.  According … Continue reading

Can I Seal or Expunge My Entire Record in FL

Have you been arrested more than once?  Does your Florida criminal background show two or more arrests?  This could create a problem for you.  Most people want to seal or expunge their entire criminal record.  Let’s pretend that you were … Continue reading

Orange Park FL Criminal Attorney on Theft Crimes

Theft crimes can range from minor crime to more major criminal charges.  A Jacksonville FL petty theft charge is a misdemeanor offense.  Petty theft can be a first-degree misdemeanor or a second-degree misdemeanor depending on the value of the property … Continue reading

Christmas Jacksonville Burglary and Theft to Home Gets Worse

Jacksonville FL Christmas Burglary

We are all familiar with Dr. Seuss and his children’s books.  During the holiday season, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a popular movie and book.  We think of the Grinch dressing up as Santa Clause and stealing presents and … Continue reading