More Jacksonville Criminal Charges for Ebron

William Reuben Ebron is facing more criminal charges in Duval County FL. Ebron was arrested over a month ago after the disappearance of Lonzie Barton. He was charged with two counts of child neglect and giving false information to law … Continue reading

Florida Battery on a Pregnant Woman and Child Abuse Near Jacksonville FL

Florida has different types of battery charges.  If you intentionally touch or strike another person against that person’s will, this is Florida simple battery.  It is a misdemeanor.  A simple battery charge can change based on the victim of the … Continue reading

St. Johns County Criminal Lawyer Needed for More than FL Speeding Ticket

St Johns County Criminal Lawyer

Kenneth Leonard Johnson was driving 115 mph in St. Johns County FL. Traveling that fast will certainly lead to an expensive Florida speeding ticket.  Jacksonville speeding tickets and unlawful speed citations in Florida usually do not require a mandatory court … Continue reading