How Much To Hire a Jacksonville Lawyer to Reinstate My Drivers License?

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Jacksonville Ticket Attorney

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I often receive telephone calls from people wondering how much it will cost to hire a Jacksonville attorney to help reinstate their drivers licenses. There is no definite answer, because it depends on your driving record and the reason for the suspension. As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, this is the process that I find best.

Contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Find out the reason for your Florida drivers license suspension. Why did the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles suspend your drivers license? If you do not know, you need to contact the DMV to find out. Click on FLHMV for to find a Jacksonville office closest to you.

  1. Do you have any unpaid tickets? Is this the only reason that your Florida drivers license is suspended? If so, what kind of tickets do you have? Are they Florida speeding tickets? Were you cited for a moving violation or non-moving violation? The reason that this is important is because of points. A moving violation conviction will put points on your driving record. Paying the ticket could result in too many points on your driving record. Too many points may cause your drivers license to be suspended. While you need to pay your traffic tickets, you should speak to an attorney about it. An attorney may be able to help you avoid points on your driving record.
  2. Has your drivers license been suspended for a certain time period due to too many points? If this is the case, a Jacksonville ticket lawyer may be able to help you remove these points. If you paid a moving violation ticket and were convicted of the offense, a certain number of points were added to your license. If you receive too many points within so many months, your drivers license will be suspended for 12 months or longer.
  3. Are you a habitual traffic offender in Jacksonville FL? If you are a habitual traffic offender, your drivers license has been suspended for 5 years due to your driving record. In most cases, the person has three driving on a suspended or revoked drivers license tickets within five years. In some cases, the person has a Jacksonville driving under the influence conviction. You may also become a habitual traffic offender if you have 15 moving violation convictions within 5 years. If you are a Florida habitual traffic offender (HTO), you should have received a letter in the mail telling you the citations that are being used against you to make you HTO. If you have this letter, be sure to tell your attorney. This will be very helpful.

Speak to an Experienced Lawyer About Your Options

Once you know the reason that your Florida drivers license has been suspended, speak to a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer. You may call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to talk to an attorney about your situation. Your attorney will be able to assess if you are able to reinstate your drivers license and help you with the process. Most people cannot function without a drivers license. We do not live in New York City. There is no subway. While there may be a bus system in Jacksonville, it is limited. We do not have the best public transportation for a city that is so spread out. There are many towns in Northeast Florida that do not have sufficient public transportation. If you are like most people, you need your license to work and provide for your family.

What happens if you do not reinstate your Florida drivers license? Instead, you decide to wait before working on fixing your license. If your license is suspended, do not drive. If you do drive and you are caught, you could go to jail. Even if the police officer does not take you to jail, another Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license ticket will only hurt you. It will make it more difficult for an attorney to help you. In turn, it will likely make things more expensive. Not only will you have another ticket or court costs to pay, but also the cost to hire a lawyer will probably be more expensive.

Once you hire an attorney to help you fix your drivers license, it will still take time to finalize the process. You want to take this into consideration. If you need your license within the next month, you need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. If you need help, feel free to call (904) 564-2525 or send an email to Find a Lawyer.

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