Florida Self-Defense Case with a Firearm Results in Protest Over Florida Shooting

A recent Florida self-defense shooting has attracted mass media attention all over the nation and protests about this self-defense case in Florida.  Florida resident, George Zimmerman, shot and killed a Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old, black Florida teenager in Seminole County, Florida.  … Continue reading

Arrested for DUI in Jacksonville Florida Even if You Are Not Over the Limit

When it comes to Jacksonville Florida DUI cases, you have probably heard the phrase “over the limit, under arrest.”  Years ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and police departments in Florida and across the nation, ran a campaign titled “Over … Continue reading

A Florida Lawyer’s Take on Jacksonville DUI tests

“I was arrested for drinking and driving in Jacksonville.”  “The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office charged me with DUI (Florida driving under the influence) in Jacksonville.”  “How do I get help for a driving under the influence charge in Jacksonville, Florida?”  “I … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer on American Idol Arrest Warrant

This morning, I turned on my computer at my Jacksonville Law Office and log onto the Internet to check the latest news in Jacksonville criminal defense and Florida criminal laws.  I saw a national headline that read “Another Idol Finalist … Continue reading

Using and Abusing a Jacksonville Restraining Order

As Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer and Jacksonville Domestic Attorney, I have represented people trying to obtain Jacksonville restraining orders or injunctions for protection against violence.  I have also represented people trying to fight or get rid of restraining orders or … Continue reading

Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence Arrest Can Be a Felony or a Misdemeanor

As a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, I have represented many people that have been charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) in Jacksonville, Florida. The punishment for a DUI charge in Jacksonville can vary depending on the … Continue reading

How Do Expunge My Criminal Record in Jacksonville, Florida?

Were you been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida?  After being arrested in Jacksonville, were your Florida criminal charges dropped?  Did the Florida prosecutor decide not to prosecute your case in Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, or Duval County, Florida?  After your Florida … Continue reading

How Do I Seal My Criminal Record in Jacksonville, Florida?

Have you been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida?  Did you plead guilty or no contest to a crime in Jacksonville, Florida?  Have you completed your sentence or finished your probation for this Florida criminal charge?  After you have been released from … Continue reading