Can I Be Charged with Jacksonville Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon When My Spouse owns the Gun?

Florida Felony Gun Charges

The Florida gun law that prohibits convicted felons from possessing a gun in Jacksonville is Florida Statute 790.23.  This Florida gun law makes it a felony crime for a person that has ever been previously convicted or adjudicated guilty of … Continue reading

Right to Remain Silent and Right to a Jacksonville Lawyer

Right to an Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

Imagine that you have been arrested for Florida burglary, giving false verification of ownership to a pawnshop broker, and dealing in stolen property in Jacksonville.  You are handcuffed by Jacksonville police officers and taken downtown to the Duval County Jail.  … Continue reading

Florida Criminal Background Checks and Sealing or Expunging Your Record

In Florida, many people are losing their jobs and looking for new ones. This creates a surplus of potential employees and a shortage of jobs in Jacksonville, Florida.  With so many people looking for jobs in Jacksonville, employers have more … Continue reading

Jacksonville Theft Lawyer Gets Employee Theft Charges Dropped

Jacksonville Employee Theft and Grand Theft

On Decemeber 15, 2011, Adam Blair Halstead was arrested for Jacksonville grand theft.  He was charged with employee theft in Jacksonville under Florida Statute 812.014(2)(B).  He was accused of stealing $20,000 or more but less than $100,000 under this Florida … Continue reading

Florida Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Case Witnesses Change Stories

I have been a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville fighting for people arrested and charged with crimes in Florida for several years.  I worked as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney at the Duval County Public Defender’s Office and handled almost every … Continue reading

Jacksonville Florida DUI Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

Florida DUI Penalties

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Jacksonville, you may be charged with a misdemeanor Florida DUI or a felony DUI crime. While most of the common DUI charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors, Florida also permits … Continue reading

Jacksonville Restraining Order or Domestic Violence Injunction

Jacksonville Domestic Violence Restraining Order

What is the difference between a Jacksonville domestic violence restraining order and an injunction for protection against domestic violence?  A Jacksonville domestic violence restraining order and a Florida injunction for protection against domestic violence are the same thing.  If you … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Charges, Florida Drug Trafficking and Possession of Illegal Drugs

Jacksonville Drug Trafficking Lawyer

In Florida, Drug Charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies.  There are minor Jacksonville drug charges and major drug offenses.  A Jacksonville possession of drug paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor charge.  As a misdemeanor, it is punishable by up to … Continue reading

Jacksonville Violation of Probation in Florida Domestic Battery Cases

If you are arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery, you will go to Duval County Jail.  If you do not bond out of jail before your first appearance court date, you will go to court and be brought before the presiding … Continue reading

Expunge a Jacksonville Florida Juvenile Delinquent Record

Jacksonville juvenile delinquent lawyer

Has your son or daughter been arrested in Jacksonville FL? After the Jacksonville arrest, did your child go to Duval County court as a juvenile delinquent?  After discussing the case with a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, did your child plead guilty … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Lawyer to Expunge or Seal a Record

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I represented people arrested in Jacksonville and other parts of northeast Florida, including Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, and Duval County.  I have represented people charged with Florida criminal traffic tickets, misdemeanors, and felonies.  You would … Continue reading

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of An Accident after Florida Car Crash

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident Lawyer

  Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a crime in Florida.  If you are involved in a car crash in Jacksonville and leave, you may be charged with leaving the scene of an accident in Florida.  Jacksonville leaving … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Information on Florida websites

Looking for a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer

Ever since 2000, the Internet has exploded.  In the past few years you can find anything online, ranging from a new television to a lawyer in Jacksonville.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, my job is not to build a … Continue reading

How to Find a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer on the Internet?

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Jacksonville

If you have been arrested in Duval County, you are probably looking for a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  If you are facing criminal charges in Clay County, you should at least talk to a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney about your Florida … Continue reading

Jacksonville Possession of a Firearm, Gun, or Weapon during Florida Search

Jacksonville Police Search for Firearm

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville carrying a concealed weapon?  Were you charged with Jacksonville possession of a firearm by a convicted felon?  If you were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Jacksonville or possession of a firearm by … Continue reading

Florida License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Gets Florida Drivers License

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, I have represented people with all kinds of Florida drivers license problems.  Usually, a problem with your Florida drivers license starts with a Florida speeding ticket.  If you get a Florida speeding ticket or … Continue reading

Jacksonville Possession of Cocaine and Illegal Search in Florida

Jacksonville Possession of Cocaine Lawyer

If you are arrested for Jacksonville possession of cocaine, Jacksonville possession of marijuana, Jacksonville possession of drug paraphernalia, or another Florida drug charge, you were probably searched by a police officer.  When it comes to a Jacksonville possession of cocaine … Continue reading

Jacksonville Domestic Battery Probation Violation

If you have been arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you know that a Jacksonville domestic battery charge is one of the worse misdemeanors that a person can be arrested for in Florida.  In many Florida misdemeanor cases, there is … Continue reading

Jacksonville Violation of Probation Lawyer Help for Florida Probation

Most Jacksonville criminal cases result in a plea deal or plea bargain.  If you entered into a Florida plea bargain, you may have been placed on probation in Jacksonville.  Sometimes, as part of a negotiated sentence with the Duval County … Continue reading

Jacksonville Beach Assault and Battery Lawyer for Self-Defense

Jacksonville Beach Assault and Battery

When a person is arrested for Jacksonville assault and battery, there is usually more to the story that what is written in the Florida police report.  Many Jacksonville assault and battery cases begin with some sort of verbal altercation that … Continue reading