Jacksonville Beach Driving Under the Influence or DUI Charges

Jacksonville Beach Drinking and Driving at Night

For anyone that lives in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, or Ponte Vedra, you know that police officers stop drivers often.  The portion of A1A that goes through Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beach is 35 miles per hour.  In … Continue reading

St. Johns County Florida Juvenile Criminal Charges

St. Johns County Juvenile Charges

Has your child been arrested for in St. Augustine, Florida?  Was your son given a notice to appear or ticket for a juvenile charge in Julington Creek?  Has your daughter been charged with a crime as a juvenile in Ponte … Continue reading

How Do I Get A Criminal Charge Off My Record in Florida?

Jacksonville Florida Criminal Record

Many people do not even know that they have a criminal record.  Have your been given a Jacksonville traffic ticket?  If you were given a Florida ticket for Jacksonville driving on a suspended license when you knew your driver’s license … Continue reading

Jacksonville Teenagers Possessing Marijuana More Common Than Cigarette Use?

Jacksonville Juvenile Marijuana Charge

I recently came across a news story about a CDC survey finding that more teenagers are smoking pot than cigarettes.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I had to find out more about this, considering that Jacksonville possession of marijuana … Continue reading

Nassau County Commissioner Arrested for Florida DUI Charges

Nassau County DUI arrest

People are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Jacksonville just about everyday.  As a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, I cannot remember a time that I have been in court for a bond hearing and someone was not being charged with … Continue reading

Possession of a Controlled Substance Charges in Jacksonville, FL

Possession of Prescription Drugs in Jacksonville

  Florida drug charges can vary from misdemeanor to felony crimes. The degree of crime that you are charged with will depend on the drug you are accused of having.  The amount of the drug that you are arrested for … Continue reading

Expunging a Jacksonville Criminal Record Shreds the Arrest

Shred Jacksonville Criminal Charge

“I have been arrested in Clay County.  Even though my charges were dropped in Green Cove Springs, I still have a criminal record.  When someone runs a background check, he or she can see my charges.”  “I was arrested in … Continue reading

Find Jacksonville Lawyer For Your Florida Case

Find a Jacksonville Lawyer

I have been a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville for years.  When I first started as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I did not know how people found the lawyers that were representing them in court.  I was a Duval County … Continue reading

How a Jacksonville Drug Lawyer Fights a Paraphernalia Charge?

Jacksonville Drug Arrest

I discussed Jacksonville drug paraphernalia charges in yesterday’s article, “What is Drug Paraphernalia under Florida’s Drug Laws?” When you read Florida Statute 893.145, it seems as if anything can be considered drug paraphernalia in Jacksonville.  If you are charged with … Continue reading

What is “Drug Paraphernalia” under Florida’s Drug Laws

Possession of Paraphernalia in Jacksonville

As a Jacksonville drug defense lawyer, I have seen people arrested for all kinds of Jacksonville drug crimes under Florida’s drug laws.  These criminal cases range from misdemeanor Jacksonville possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana to felony Jacksonville … Continue reading

Defending a Criminal Case with a Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

Defend Against Criminal Charges in Jacksonville, Florida

How do you defend a criminal case in Jacksonville, Florida?  When you hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer to defend your criminal case, the two of you discuss the facts of your case.  You will also discuss Florida’s criminal laws that … Continue reading

Jacksonville Minor in Possession of Alcohol Charges and Penalties

Jacksonville Drinking Underage and Minor Possessing Alcohol

Have you been arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor in St. Johns County, Florida?  Have you been arrested for drinking under age in Clay County, Florida?  Were you given a Jacksonville ticket in Duval County for an alcohol-related … Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Clear a Florida Criminal Record?

Clear Jacksonville Florida Charges

If you want to hire a Jacksonville record sealing lawyer to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record, you are probably concerned on how much it cost to hire a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  In order to clear your Jacksonville arrest … Continue reading

Jacksonville Assault and Battery Lawyer for Facebook Information

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I cannot stress this enough to anyone arrested for or charged with a crime.  Get rid of your Facebook page!  Yes.  I understand that Facebook is addictive, but it has the potential of ruining your … Continue reading

Jacksonville Lawyer with Duval County Courthouse Information

Duval County Courthouse

The Duval County Courthouse will not be opening as planned.  Originally, Jacksonville city officials planned on opening the new Duval County Courthouse located at 501 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (map to the new Duval County Court house in … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Charges for Florida Ecstasy Trafficking

Jacksonville possession of ecstasy MDMA

Jacksonville drug charges can range from misdemeanor Jacksonville possession of marijuana to felony Jacksonville possession of a controlled substance or cocaine.  If you are arrested for a certain amount of drugs in Jacksonville, you will be charged with Florida drug … Continue reading

Jacksonville Ticket Lawyer to Fix Florida Suspended Drivers License

If you have received a Florida traffic ticket for Jacksonville driving on a suspended license, you may want to just pay the Jacksonville citation.  It seems easy to get rid of the Jacksonville driving on a suspended license ticket by … Continue reading

Florida Engaging in and Soliciting Prostitution in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Soliciting Prostitution

Were you arrested for Jacksonville prostitution in Duval County, Florida?  Were you charged with solicitation of prostitution in Clay County, Florida?  Are you facing charges under Florida Statute Section 796.07 for offering or engaging in prostitution or assignation in St. Johns … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Case Prohibits Harsh Sentencing for Florida Juvenile Charges

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Charges

In 2009, the United States Supreme Court ruled on two Florida cases that challenged the sentencing of two Florida juvenile criminal defendants to life without the possibility of parole in non-homicide cases.  Two Florida juveniles were sentenced to life in … Continue reading

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Needs Florida Drivers License

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Drivers License

If your Florida drivers license in suspended in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County, do not drive until you fix your Florida drivers license.  While it seems obvious that you should not drive when your Florida drivers license in … Continue reading