Florida Hardship Drivers License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Jacksonville Suspended Drivers License

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or DMV) will suspended your drivers license for several reasons.  Your drivers license may be suspend if you are convicted of Jacksonville possession of marijuana.  It can also be suspended … Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Fix My Jacksonville FL Suspended Drivers License

Get Florida Drivers License

Has your Florida drivers license been suspended in Duval County?  Are you trying to get you’re your drivers license back in St. Johns County?  Do you want to have a valid license in Clay County?  Have you been trying to … Continue reading

Clay County Driving Under the Influence DUI/DWI Arrest Blamed On Squirrel

Clay County Driving Under the Influence Lawyer

As a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, I have defended many people that have been arrested for drinking and driving.  Florida DUI laws are the same for all counties in Florida, including Duval and Clay County.  I have heard many different types … Continue reading

Florida Laws for Habitual Traffic Offenders

Jacksonville HTO Drivers License

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or DMV) is the government agency over Florida drivers licenses. The Florida DMV may designate you as a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender.  This occurs if you accumulate a certain amount of … Continue reading

How Many Points Will I Get From a Florida Speeding Ticket or Moving Violation

Florida Driving Record

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, I think it’s important to talk to my client about his or her driving record.  It is even better when I can look at a copy of the driving record.  There are certain Jacksonville … Continue reading

What If the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office Searches My Car and Finds Marijuana?

Jacksonville Illegal Police Search

People are pulled over all the time.  In most cases, a person is stopped because of some kind of driving violation and issued a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  Drivers are often stopped and given Florida speeding tickets for speeding.  Being pulled … Continue reading

Florida Hardship License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Florida Driver’s License Suspended for 5 Years A Jacksonville habitual traffic offender’s drivers license that is suspended for five years.  There are a lot of drivers in Duval, Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns County.  Even though a person’s license is … Continue reading

My Florida Drivers License is Being Suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender in Jacksonville

Florida Suspended Drivers License

If you are a habitual traffic offender in Florida, your driver’s license has been suspended for 5 years.   You have a certain amount of traffic violations, criminal driving charges, or tickets.  As a Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Lawyer, I can … Continue reading

Another Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident Hit-and-Run Case

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of Accident Hit and Run

Yesterday, I posted an article about a Jacksonville hit-and-run car accident that police were investigating.  Early last Friday morning, a man was severely injured outside of a night club in the Jacksonville Landing.  Although it appears that committed Jacksonville fighting … Continue reading

Is a Jacksonville Driving on Suspended License Ticket a Crime?


Did you receive a ticket for Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License?  Some people receive driving on a suspended license tickets, and they do not even know that their drivers licenses are suspended or revoked.  If you are … Continue reading