Jacksonville Dealing in Stolen Property, Burglary and Grand Theft

A Jacksonville burglary lawyer handles more than just Florida burglary cases.  When a Jacksonville burglary lawyer represents someone that is charged with burglary in Florida, she may also be defending against other Jacksonville theft charges. If you were arrested for … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Arrest, Probation, and Florida Restitution

Jacksonville Florida Juvenile

Has your child been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida?  If your child has been arrested in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County, he or she will be facing criminal charges in Florida juvenile court.  In Jacksonville juvenile cases, there may … Continue reading

Is Shoplifting in Jacksonville a Misdemeanor or Felony Theft Charge?

If you were accused of shoplifting or stealing from a store in Jacksonville, you may be arrested for Florida theft or issued a notice to appear citation (See Stealing, Shoplifting, and Theft Arrests in Jacksonville, Florida).  If you are arrested … Continue reading

Florida Theft Law for Jacksonville Grand Theft and Petty Theft Arrests

Section 812.014 of the Florida Statutes is the Florida theft law.  This Florida theft law covers Florida theft arrests, including Jacksonville petit theft and Jacksonville grand theft charges.   Under Section 812.014 of the Florida Statutes, if you are arrested for … Continue reading

Stealing, Shoplifting, and Theft Arrests in Jacksonville, Florida

Were you caught shoplifting or stealing at a store in Jacksonville, Florida?  If you are shoplifting or get caught stealing from a store in Jacksonville, you could be arrested for theft in Jacksonville, Florida.  If a Florida security guard or … Continue reading

Miss a Court Date in Jacksonville and Get an Arrest Warrant

Arrested in Jacksonville

“HELP! I missed a court date in Jacksonville, Florida.  Now, there is a Florida warrant out for my arrest in Jacksonville! Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers are no strangers to hearing: “I was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.  I bonded out of the … Continue reading

Plea Guilty and Still Clear Your Florida Criminal Record

Guilty or No Contest Plea in Jacksonville

Have you been arrested for a crime in Jacksonville, Florida?  If you have been arrested in Jacksonville, did you plead guilty to the Jacksonville criminal charges?  Even if plead guilty to a Jacksonville crime, you can get your record sealed.  … Continue reading