What If the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office Searches My Car and Finds Marijuana?

Jacksonville Illegal Police Search

People are pulled over all the time.  In most cases, a person is stopped because of some kind of driving violation and issued a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  Drivers are often stopped and given Florida speeding tickets for speeding.  Being pulled … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Charges for Florida Ecstasy Trafficking

Jacksonville possession of ecstasy MDMA

Jacksonville drug charges can range from misdemeanor Jacksonville possession of marijuana to felony Jacksonville possession of a controlled substance or cocaine.  If you are arrested for a certain amount of drugs in Jacksonville, you will be charged with Florida drug … Continue reading

Right to Remain Silent and Right to a Jacksonville Lawyer

Right to an Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

Imagine that you have been arrested for Florida burglary, giving false verification of ownership to a pawnshop broker, and dealing in stolen property in Jacksonville.  You are handcuffed by Jacksonville police officers and taken downtown to the Duval County Jail.  … Continue reading

Jacksonville Possession of Cocaine and Illegal Search in Florida

Jacksonville Possession of Cocaine Lawyer

If you are arrested for Jacksonville possession of cocaine, Jacksonville possession of marijuana, Jacksonville possession of drug paraphernalia, or another Florida drug charge, you were probably searched by a police officer.  When it comes to a Jacksonville possession of cocaine … Continue reading