Jacksonville Lawyer to Expunge Florida Criminal Record

If you want to clear your record in Florida, talking to a lawyer in Jacksonville about expunging your Florida record is a good idea.  A Jacksonville Florida attorney may be able to expunge your Florida criminal record.  The Florida expunction … Continue reading

How Much Will a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cost Me?

Cost of Lawyer in Jacksonville

If you are looking to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, you are probably wondering how much a Jacksonville lawyer will cost you.  In Jacksonville, a Florida attorney’s fees can range from a nominal fee for a Florida speeding ticket lawyer … Continue reading

Clear Jacksonville Domestic Battery From Florida Criminal Record

Have you been arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, Florida?  If you have been arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery, this crime will show up on a Florida background check.  It does not matter if the State attorney dropped your domestic … Continue reading

Expunge and Clear a Florida Criminal Record in Jacksonville

Clear Florida Record

If you have been arrested in Jacksonville, you have a Florida criminal record.  Most people are surprised when an employer does a Florida background check and finds Jacksonville criminal charges that were dropped.  They think, “Why is a Jacksonville arrest … Continue reading

Florida Drivers License Suspended for Jacksonville Drug Conviction

Jacksonville Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

Have you been arrested for Jacksonville possession of marijuana charges in Duval County, Florida?  Were you charged with possession cocaine in St. Johns County, Florida? Were you convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia in Clay County, Florida?  If you have … Continue reading

Is Shoplifting in Jacksonville a Misdemeanor or Felony Theft Charge?

If you were accused of shoplifting or stealing from a store in Jacksonville, you may be arrested for Florida theft or issued a notice to appear citation (See Stealing, Shoplifting, and Theft Arrests in Jacksonville, Florida).  If you are arrested … Continue reading

Plea Guilty and Still Clear Your Florida Criminal Record

Guilty or No Contest Plea in Jacksonville

Have you been arrested for a crime in Jacksonville, Florida?  If you have been arrested in Jacksonville, did you plead guilty to the Jacksonville criminal charges?  Even if plead guilty to a Jacksonville crime, you can get your record sealed.  … Continue reading

I Was Arrested for Domestic Battery in Jacksonville and Need to Defend Myself

Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer

If you were arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you need to defend yourself against this Florida Domestic Violence arrest.  Although most Jacksonville domestic battery charges are misdemeanors, a Jacksonville domestic battery is one of the most serious misdemeanor crimes … Continue reading