Do You Have a Right to Seal or Expunge Your Record under Florida Law?

Expunge FL Record

Florida law permits defendants to seal or expunge their criminal records.   If you want to seal or expunge your Florida record, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Not everyone qualifies for a record seal or expunction. If you want to … Continue reading

Can You Seal or Expunge a Fraudulent Check Case in Florida?

Can you seal or expunge an arrest related to a check fraud case in Florida? Maybe. Whether you can seal or expunge your Florida criminal record will depend on a variety of factors. As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, the majority … Continue reading

Expunge Jacksonville Domestic Battery Arrest

Were you arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville? Were your charges dropped? If so, you may be wondering why these charges appear on your criminal record in Jacksonville? An arrest creates a record. When you were arrested for domestic battery … Continue reading