Can a Traffic Ticket Stop You From Sealing or Expunging Your FL Record?

If you want to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record, you must meet certain requirements.  Among other things, you cannot have a criminal conviction.  This means that you were never adjudicated guilty of a crime.  As a Jacksonville criminal … Continue reading

Florida Domestic Battery Law and Definitions

If you were charged with domestic battery in Jacksonville, you were likely charged under Florida Statute Section 784.03.  This is also the Florida battery law that is used for simple battery cases.  Section 784.03 reads: (1)(a) The offense of battery occurs … Continue reading

Are Juvenile Criminal Records Destroyed in Florida?

Juvenile criminal records are treated differently than adult criminal records.  Florida Statute Section 985.04(1) “provides that juvenile records are confidential, subject to specified exceptions, and limited disclosure to certain enumerated entities or upon court order. Subsection (2) generally allows for … Continue reading

Florida Criminal Background Check Shows Felony Dropped to Misdemeanor

Imagine that you were arrested for a felony in Florida.  Let’s say that you were arrested for Jacksonville grand theft.  Your Jacksonville criminal attorney negotiated the case with the state attorney.  You pleaded guilty to Jacksonville petit theft instead.  What … Continue reading

Florida Battery on a Pregnant Woman and Child Abuse Near Jacksonville FL

Florida has different types of battery charges.  If you intentionally touch or strike another person against that person’s will, this is Florida simple battery.  It is a misdemeanor.  A simple battery charge can change based on the victim of the … Continue reading

St Johns County FL Theft and Burglary Attorney

I am a Jacksonville criminal attorney that practices in Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns County.  I cannot count the number of people that I have represented on Florida theft and burglary charges.  My clients range from children as arrested … Continue reading

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer in Jacksonville FL?

Should I hire a Jacksonville lawyer for my court case?  Should I hire a Florida criminal attorney to defend me in court?  Can I afford to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville?  The real question is “What will it end up … Continue reading