Atlantic Beach Florida Arrest for Drugs and Violating Injunction

Cecelia Babillis was arrested yesterday in Atlantic Beach Florida after being involved in an altercation with her neighbors.  The incident occurred on Magnolia Street which is near Atlantic Blvd.  Babillis is 20-years-old.  She was charged with Jacksonville violation of an … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer for Domestic and Family Crimes

Duval County Domestic Battery Attorney

I remember my second day as a Duval County attorney at the Office of the Public Defender.  On my first day, I did a lot of paperwork, met the other criminal attorneys that I would be working with, and settled … Continue reading

Jacksonville FL Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence

Florida Domestic Violence

When you think of Jacksonville lawyers, you think of a variety of types of attorneys.  There are attorneys for Jacksonville foreclosure and bankruptcy.  There are Duval County lawyers for personal injury and car accidents.  When it comes to Jacksonville domestic … Continue reading

Using and Abusing a Jacksonville Restraining Order

As Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer and Jacksonville Domestic Attorney, I have represented people trying to obtain Jacksonville restraining orders or injunctions for protection against violence.  I have also represented people trying to fight or get rid of restraining orders or … Continue reading