Atlantic Beach Florida Arrest for Drugs and Violating Injunction

Cecelia Babillis was arrested yesterday in Atlantic Beach Florida after being involved in an altercation with her neighbors.  The incident occurred on Magnolia Street which is near Atlantic Blvd.  Babillis is 20-years-old.  She was charged with Jacksonville violation of an … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Child is Arrested in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer for Arrest

Was your son arrested in the St. Johns Town Center for Jacksonville grand theft?  Was you daughter arrested at Fletcher High School for Jacksonville affray or fighting?  Is your son is the Duval County Jail for Jacksonville drug charges, such … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers Information for Duval County Arrests

Duval County Criminal Attorneys

When people are arrested in Duval County, they usually search for a Jacksonville criminal lawyer.  They may ask their friends about Duval County Lawyers.  If they were arrested in Orange Park or Green Cove Springs, they will be searching for … Continue reading

Jacksonville DUI and Hit and Run Charges on Holidays

Florida hit and run

Once I became a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I immediately started working at the Duval County Public Defender Office.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney and assistant public defender, I was assigned J-1 duty.  That means that I was the criminal … Continue reading

Nassau County Commissioner Arrested for Florida DUI Charges

Nassau County DUI arrest

People are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Jacksonville just about everyday.  As a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, I cannot remember a time that I have been in court for a bond hearing and someone was not being charged with … Continue reading

Jacksonville Assault and Battery Lawyer for Facebook Information

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I cannot stress this enough to anyone arrested for or charged with a crime.  Get rid of your Facebook page!  Yes.  I understand that Facebook is addictive, but it has the potential of ruining your … Continue reading

Jacksonville Violation of Probation in Florida Domestic Battery Cases

If you are arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery, you will go to Duval County Jail.  If you do not bond out of jail before your first appearance court date, you will go to court and be brought before the presiding … Continue reading