Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer for FL Tickets Over the Holidays

As a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer and Florida Ticket Attorney, I tend to see more speeding tickets issued during the holiday season.  More people are traveling between Thanksgiving and New Years, so there seems to be more police on the … Continue reading

Duval County State Attorneys Office Lawsuit After Zimmerman Trial

I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people that could not get enough about the Zimmerman trial.  As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, it captured my attention.  The world focused on Florida and our laws.  … Continue reading

Florida DUI Charges Dropped in Nassau County

Almost one year ago, Stacy Turner Johnson was arrested for drunk driving.  I wrote an article about this last June called Nassau County Commissioner Arrested for Florida DUI Charges.  After fighting the case for 11 months, the state attorneys office … Continue reading

Jacksonville Theft Caught on Video May Be Robbery

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I want to know about crimes that occur in Northeast Florida.  I am especially interested when there is a videotape, because this is evidence.  It is not uncommon for a Jacksonville burglary to be caught … Continue reading

Jacksonville Police Officer Arrested for DUI in St. Johns County FL

A member of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence in Florida.  Larry Jones is an “assistant chief with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.”  He was stopped “early Saturday morning for suspicion of driving … Continue reading

Julington Road Drug and DUI Arrest After Car Crash in Jacksonville FL

A Jacksonville driving under the influence case may occur with or without an accident.  If a person is charged with DUI in Jacksonville, it could have been because the person’s car was stopped.  The police officer must have grounds to … Continue reading

Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence Hospital Blood Draws

If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Jacksonville FL, the police may be able to require a blood draw.  This is under the Florida Implied Consent Law.  The Florida implied consent law that permits a blood draw … Continue reading

Jacksonville FL Hardship Drivers License after DUI DWI

Florida Drivers Licens Lawyer

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Florida, you have a lot of questions.  A Jacksonville DUI Lawyer can help you.  You want to know about the Jacksonville Florida DUI Penalties for Driving Under the Influence.  … Continue reading

Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence on New Years Eve

Jacksonville DUI Attorney

Was your son arrested in St. Johns County for driving under the influence of alcohol on New Years Eve?  Was you daughter arrested at a party in Duval County for Jacksonville possession of alcohol by a minor.  Did your teenager … Continue reading