Why Is My Florida Drivers License Suspended for a Drug Charge?

If you were convicted of a drug crime in Jacksonville, beware that your Florida drivers license may be suspended.  There is a law that mandates a Florida drivers license suspension if you have been adjudicated guilty of a listed drug … Continue reading

My Child Was Arrested for Possession of Marijuana in Jacksonville FL

If your child was arrested for a drug charge in Jacksonville FL, you are probably concerned.   It is not uncommon for teenagers to try marijuana when offered it by their peers.  With the legalization of marijuana in some states, children … Continue reading

Jacksonville FL Drug Charges Pending for Operation Deja-Vu

Florida drug charges range from misdemeanor charges to felony offenses.  For instance, a Jacksonville possession of paraphernalia arrest is a misdemeanor arrest. Jacksonville possession of cannabis can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the amount of marijuana involved.  The … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Lawyer and School Violence

We are constantly seeing bullying among teenagers on the news. Jacksonville juvenile criminal lawyers will often represent children that have been bullied in school.  There may be a boy that was bullied in school that is later charged with Florida … Continue reading

Florida Criminal Background Check Shows Felony Dropped to Misdemeanor

Imagine that you were arrested for a felony in Florida.  Let’s say that you were arrested for Jacksonville grand theft.  Your Jacksonville criminal attorney negotiated the case with the state attorney.  You pleaded guilty to Jacksonville petit theft instead.  What … Continue reading

Florida Drug Charge and Speeding Ticket for Topless Driver

Most of us have received Jacksonville traffic tickets or speeding tickets in the past.  It is not unusual to receive a traffic violation citation in Duval County.  A speeding ticket does not make front page news often, but one woman … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer and the Florida Medical Marijuana Debate

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented many people arrested for drug charges in Jacksonville FL.  When people think of drug charges, they usually think of felony crimes like possession of cocaine or ecstasy.  They think of more serious … Continue reading