Florida Constructive Possession Laws For Joint Property

Jacksonville Drug Lawyer

When it comes to drug possession or firearm possession charges, there are two ways to possess the item. Possession may be actual or constructive in Florida. For instance, you may be convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana in Jacksonville if … Continue reading

Knowledge Required For Florida Possession of a Controlled Substance

What is the law for possession of a controlled substance in Florida? The law that prohibits possession of marijuana, cocaine, and other controlled substances and illegal drugs is Florida Statute Section 893.13. When you are charged with possession of marijuana … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juveniles Find Drugs on Instagram

As a juvenile criminal lawyer in Jacksonville, I have defended children and teenagers arrested for a variety of Florida drug charges.  In some cases, the children were caught in possession of marijuana in Jacksonville. Some of them were not guilty … Continue reading

Florida Possession of Cannabis Charges for Hiding Marijuana

As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have had many Florida drug cases.  Jacksonville possession of marijuana cases are not uncommon in this area.  I have represented teenagers in Jacksonville juvenile criminal court and adults in county and circuit court.  When … Continue reading