Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Tries to Dismiss Aggravated Assault Charges

Jacksonville FL Criminal Lawyer

If you are arrested for a crime in Florida, the police will take any evidence that they find.  This evidence is stored in the property room.  For example, if you have been arrested for Jacksonville possession of cocaine, the police … Continue reading

St. Johns County Juvenile and Drug Arrest in Ponte Vedra

Ponte Vedre Criminal Lawyer

  Nease High School is located in Ponte Vedre, a town in St. Johns County, Florida.  Nease High School is probably best know for having football superstar, Tim Tebow, on its high school football team.  While Nease High School has … Continue reading

Florida Hardship Drivers License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Jacksonville Suspended Drivers License

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or DMV) will suspended your drivers license for several reasons.  Your drivers license may be suspend if you are convicted of Jacksonville possession of marijuana.  It can also be suspended … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Arrest Reports and Charges in Duval County

I like to write about local news stories my Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer blog.  I look at our local news outlets, such as The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, and Channel 4 News, so I can get an idea about … Continue reading

Ability to Buy Firearms With Jacksonville Domestic Battery or Florida Felony Charges


Have you been arrested for a felony in Duval County?  Did you plead no contest or guilty to a criminal case in Clay County?  Did you receive a withhold on a felony charge in St. Johns County?  If you pleaded … Continue reading

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost for a Florida Juvenile Case?

Price of Florida Juvenile Criminal Attorney

The price of a Jacksonville criminal lawyer will vary depending on the type of case.  The more serious crimes usually cost more.  Hiring a Clay County lawyer to defend you for a Florida grand theft or burglary case will cost … Continue reading

How Do You Seal or Expunge a Florida Criminal Charge?

Seal Expunge Jacksonville FL Arrest

Under Florida Statute Section 943.0585, you can expunge a Florida record.  Section 943.059 gives you the criteria that you must meet in order to be able to seal your criminal history if you are an adult.  The Florida record sealing … Continue reading

Arrested for New Florida Criminal Charges While on Probation in Jacksonville

Violate Probation in Jacksonville FL

May people in the criminal justice system are placed on probation instead of being sentenced to time in jail or prison.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I want all of my clients to successfully complete their Florida probation. Still, … Continue reading

What If the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office Searches My Car and Finds Marijuana?

Jacksonville Illegal Police Search

People are pulled over all the time.  In most cases, a person is stopped because of some kind of driving violation and issued a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  Drivers are often stopped and given Florida speeding tickets for speeding.  Being pulled … Continue reading