Jacksonville Theft Caught on Video May Be Robbery

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I want to know about crimes that occur in Northeast Florida.  I am especially interested when there is a videotape, because this is evidence.  It is not uncommon for a Jacksonville burglary to be caught … Continue reading

Run Criminal Background Check Before Sealing Your FL Record

In my career as a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have sealed and expunged many criminal records.  In most cases, people know what is in their background.  They know they how many times that they have been arrested.  Sometimes, you have … Continue reading

Julington Road Drug and DUI Arrest After Car Crash in Jacksonville FL

A Jacksonville driving under the influence case may occur with or without an accident.  If a person is charged with DUI in Jacksonville, it could have been because the person’s car was stopped.  The police officer must have grounds to … Continue reading

Can I Seal or Expunge My Entire Record in FL

Have you been arrested more than once?  Does your Florida criminal background show two or more arrests?  This could create a problem for you.  Most people want to seal or expunge their entire criminal record.  Let’s pretend that you were … Continue reading

How To Pass a Criminal Background Check in Florida?

If you are given a Florida ticket for Jacksonville petty theft in Duval County, there is a record of it.  This is true even if you successfully completed a diversion or pretrial intervention program.  If you were arrested for Florida … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Possession Lawyer for Introduction of Contraband

Imagine that you are pulled over for speeding in Jacksonville.  You know that you have a Florida suspended drivers license.  The police officer gives you a Florida speeding ticket.  He also arrests you for being a Florida habitual traffic offender … Continue reading

Duval County Suspended Drivers License Lawyer Info About Convictions

I was working on a Jacksonville habitual traffic offender case today.  I was contacting other counties in Florida to check on the status of cases.  After reviewing the FL driving record, I was unsure of what actually happened with a … Continue reading

Jacksonville Florida Shoplifting Charges For College Students

Florida Teenager Criminal Lawyer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people charged with many different types of crimes.  In some cases, people were charged with misdemeanors like Florida assault or Jacksonville domestic battery.  In other cases, they were facing felony charges ranging … Continue reading

Marijuana Evidence for Jacksonville Possession of Cannabis Conviction

Jacksonville Drug Lawyer

Cannabis is the same thing as marijuana.  The more popular names are weed and pot.  It may be referred to as hash.  How do you prove a possession of marijuana case?  When a person is arrested for Jacksonville possession of … Continue reading

Jacksonville Teacher Arrested for Marijuana and Drugs in Clay County FL

Clay County Criminal Lawyer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented many people that were arrested for Jacksonville possession of cocaine.  Some of those people were merely holding a purse or bag for someone else.  They did not know that the drugs were … Continue reading