Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Claims Sovereign Immunity As Duval County State Attorney

  Jacksonville criminal lawyers are not immune from lawsuits.  Jacksonville attorneys can be sued just like anyone else.  The Duval County State Attorney’s Office is made up of hundreds of Jacksonville criminal attorneys.  It is the biggest Jacksonville law office.  … Continue reading

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer in Jacksonville FL?

Should I hire a Jacksonville lawyer for my court case?  Should I hire a Florida criminal attorney to defend me in court?  Can I afford to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville?  The real question is “What will it end up … Continue reading

Clay County Prostitution Sting Leads to 16 Arrests

Sixteen people were arrested on Monday in connection with an Orange Park Florida prostitution sting.  The Clay County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the possible prostitution “after complaints about three Orange Park massage parlors and other online escort services.”  The complaints … Continue reading

How Do I Have a FL Criminal Record When I Never Went to Court?

You can be arrested in Florida for a variety of crimes.  You may be arrested for a felony charge, which is more serious than a misdemeanor.  If you are accused of a felony crime, you will be arrested.  If you … Continue reading

Jacksonville Escort and Five Others Arrested for Florida Prostitution Ring

Police were investigating a possible prostitution ring in North Florida.  “Police said they began using a website Thursday for escort services in Gainesville and Jacksonville. They made contact with three separate services offered in advertisements and set up three appointments … Continue reading

Zimmerman’s Criminal Attorneys Argue Martin Was Violent

Jacksonville criminal lawyers and attorneys all over the state have been following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  This is mainly due to the fact that Florida’s stand your ground law was thrown into the middle of a national controversy.  Read Florida … Continue reading

Atlantic Beach Florida Arrest for Drugs and Violating Injunction

Cecelia Babillis was arrested yesterday in Atlantic Beach Florida after being involved in an altercation with her neighbors.  The incident occurred on Magnolia Street which is near Atlantic Blvd.  Babillis is 20-years-old.  She was charged with Jacksonville violation of an … Continue reading