Why is My Florida Drivers License Suspended?

Your Florida drivers license may be suspended for a variety of reasons.  In most cases, it is due to something on your driving record.  If you do not pay your Jacksonville traffic tickets, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor … Continue reading

Traffic Stop Results in Felony Arrest in Jacksonville FL

A high-speed car chase spanning over two Northeast Florida counties led to the arrest of a teenager.  Joseph Jacob Macquarrie is facing charges for what started off as a traffic stop.  He will be facing charges as an adult and … Continue reading

Florida Possession of Cannabis Charges for Hiding Marijuana

As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I have had many Florida drug cases.  Jacksonville possession of marijuana cases are not uncommon in this area.  I have represented teenagers in Jacksonville juvenile criminal court and adults in county and circuit court.  When … Continue reading

Why Is My Florida Drivers License Suspended for a Drug Charge?

If you were convicted of a drug crime in Jacksonville, beware that your Florida drivers license may be suspended.  There is a law that mandates a Florida drivers license suspension if you have been adjudicated guilty of a listed drug … Continue reading