Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Laws

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Florida Drivers License Still Suspended After Paying Tickets

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Florida Tickets for Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

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Setting a Court Date for Duval County Traffic Ticket

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Drivers License Suspended in Clay County FL for Habitual Traffic Offender

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Why is my Florida Drivers License Suspended?

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How Can a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Get a Drivers License

If you are a Jacksonville FL Habitual Traffic Offender, your drivers license has been suspended for five years.  You may be able to reverse this 5-year Florida drivers license suspension.  Your Jacksonville drivers license lawyer will need to petition or … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drug Possession Lawyer for Introduction of Contraband

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Duval County Suspended Drivers License Lawyer Info About Convictions

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FL Drivers License Suspended due to Duval County Court Costs

Pay Duval County FL Tickets

If you received a Florida speeding ticket, you have a fine to pay for traveling at an unlawful rate of speed.  If a police officer gives you a Jacksonville traffic ticket, he or she will point out how much the … Continue reading