Fix My Suspended Florida Driver’s License

If you want to get your license back in Jacksonville, you need to know why your license was suspended.   You Florida drivers license can be suspended for several reasons.  As a Jacksonville ticket lawyer, I have seen most driver’s licenses … Continue reading

How is My Florida Drivers License Suspended When I Never Had a License

Florida Suspended License

As a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer, I represented people charged with driving on a suspended license that have never had one.  When you have a driver’s license, can legally drive.  Basically, you are permitted to drive, because of your license.  … Continue reading

Jacksonville Lawyer with Duval County Courthouse Information

Duval County Courthouse

The Duval County Courthouse will not be opening as planned.  Originally, Jacksonville city officials planned on opening the new Duval County Courthouse located at 501 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (map to the new Duval County Court house in … Continue reading

Jacksonville Ticket Lawyer to Fix Florida Suspended Drivers License

If you have received a Florida traffic ticket for Jacksonville driving on a suspended license, you may want to just pay the Jacksonville citation.  It seems easy to get rid of the Jacksonville driving on a suspended license ticket by … Continue reading

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Needs Florida Drivers License

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Drivers License

If your Florida drivers license in suspended in Duval, Clay, Nassau, or St. Johns County, do not drive until you fix your Florida drivers license.  While it seems obvious that you should not drive when your Florida drivers license in … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Information on Florida websites

Looking for a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer

Ever since 2000, the Internet has exploded.  In the past few years you can find anything online, ranging from a new television to a lawyer in Jacksonville.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, my job is not to build a … Continue reading

Florida License for Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender

Jacksonville Habitual Traffic Offender Gets Florida Drivers License

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, I have represented people with all kinds of Florida drivers license problems.  Usually, a problem with your Florida drivers license starts with a Florida speeding ticket.  If you get a Florida speeding ticket or … Continue reading

Jacksonville Traffic Ticket for Flashing Lights in Florida

Jacksonville ticket for head lights

Under Florida traffic laws, you may receive a Jacksonville traffic ticket for a variety of Florida traffic violations. The most common Jacksonville traffic citation is a Florida speeding ticket.  A Florida speeding ticket is a civil traffic citation.  Other common … Continue reading

Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer for Florida Suspended License

As a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer, I have seen Florida drivers licenses suspended for a variety of reasons. Normally, when a Florida drivers license is suspended, it is because the driver received a Florida speeding ticket.  If you have received … Continue reading

How Much Will a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Cost Me?

Cost of Lawyer in Jacksonville

If you are looking to hire a lawyer in Jacksonville, you are probably wondering how much a Jacksonville lawyer will cost you.  In Jacksonville, a Florida attorney’s fees can range from a nominal fee for a Florida speeding ticket lawyer … Continue reading