Fix a Florida Suspended Drivers License in Jacksonville

Florida Drivers License

As a Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer, people often ask me, “How do I get my driver’s license back in Florida?”  When your driver’s license is suspend in Jacksonville, all you can think about is getting your Florida drivers license back.  … Continue reading

Miss a Court Date in Jacksonville and Get an Arrest Warrant

Arrested in Jacksonville

“HELP! I missed a court date in Jacksonville, Florida.  Now, there is a Florida warrant out for my arrest in Jacksonville! Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers are no strangers to hearing: “I was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.  I bonded out of the … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer on American Idol Arrest Warrant

This morning, I turned on my computer at my Jacksonville Law Office and log onto the Internet to check the latest news in Jacksonville criminal defense and Florida criminal laws.  I saw a national headline that read “Another Idol Finalist … Continue reading