Testifying at a Jacksonville Domestic Violence Injunction Hearing

If you have been accused of domestic violence in Jacksonville, you could be facing a variety of legal problems in Florida.  Maybe you were arrested for Jacksonville domestic battery.  Maybe you are fighting Jacksonville domestic violence accusations as part of … Continue reading

I Was Arrested for Domestic Battery in Jacksonville and Need to Defend Myself

Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer

If you were arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville, you need to defend yourself against this Florida Domestic Violence arrest.  Although most Jacksonville domestic battery charges are misdemeanors, a Jacksonville domestic battery is one of the most serious misdemeanor crimes … Continue reading

Using and Abusing a Jacksonville Restraining Order

As Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer and Jacksonville Domestic Attorney, I have represented people trying to obtain Jacksonville restraining orders or injunctions for protection against violence.  I have also represented people trying to fight or get rid of restraining orders or … Continue reading