Expunge Jacksonville Domestic Battery Arrest

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Do I Need to Hire a Jacksonville Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

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Florida Domestic Battery Law and Definitions

If you were charged with domestic battery in Jacksonville, you were likely charged under Florida Statute Section 784.03.  This is also the Florida battery law that is used for simple battery cases.  Section 784.03 reads: (1)(a) The offense of battery occurs … Continue reading

Jacksonville Juvenile Criminal Lawyer and School Violence

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Zimmerman Arrested for Florida Domestic Battery and Assault

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Jacksonville FL Anger Management for More than Battery

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How To Pass a Criminal Background Check in Florida?

If you are given a Florida ticket for Jacksonville petty theft in Duval County, there is a record of it.  This is true even if you successfully completed a diversion or pretrial intervention program.  If you were arrested for Florida … Continue reading