Jacksonville Florida Shoplifting Charges For College Students

Florida Teenager Criminal Lawyer

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people charged with many different types of crimes.  In some cases, people were charged with misdemeanors like Florida assault or Jacksonville domestic battery.  In other cases, they were facing felony charges ranging … Continue reading

Christmas Jacksonville Burglary and Theft to Home Gets Worse

Jacksonville FL Christmas Burglary

We are all familiar with Dr. Seuss and his children’s books.  During the holiday season, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a popular movie and book.  We think of the Grinch dressing up as Santa Clause and stealing presents and … Continue reading

Possible Florida Theft Charges During Christmas

Florida Theft of Christmas Decoration

When you think about theft crimes during the holidays, most people think about shoplifting. You may have heard of Jacksonville burglary crimes that occur around Christmas.  People will break into homes and steal the presents that are under the tree.  … Continue reading

Jacksonville DUI Lawyer on Thanksgiving Drunk Driving

Duval County DUI Attorney

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking and party nights of the year.  It is second to New Years Eve.  It is know as “Black Wednesday” or “Blackout Wednesday” in some circles.  Jacksonville DUI lawyers know … Continue reading

Clay County Grand Theft, Petit Theft, Burglary, and Criminal Mischief

Jacksonville Burglary Charge

The Florida Times Union posts property crimes for the week on its website, Jacksonville.com.  These crimes range from Florida grand theft to Jacksonville petty theft.  They also include Jacksonville burglary and robbery cases.  If you have been arrested or are … Continue reading

How Much is a Jacksonville Lawyer for a Criminal Case

How Much is Jacksonville Attorney

Imagine that you were arrested for Jacksonville driving under the influence in Duval County.  The first thing on your mind is the fact that you are going to jail.  The second thing that you are thinking may be that you … Continue reading

Ability to Buy Firearms With Jacksonville Domestic Battery or Florida Felony Charges


Have you been arrested for a felony in Duval County?  Did you plead no contest or guilty to a criminal case in Clay County?  Did you receive a withhold on a felony charge in St. Johns County?  If you pleaded … Continue reading

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost for a Florida Juvenile Case?

Price of Florida Juvenile Criminal Attorney

The price of a Jacksonville criminal lawyer will vary depending on the type of case.  The more serious crimes usually cost more.  Hiring a Clay County lawyer to defend you for a Florida grand theft or burglary case will cost … Continue reading

Jacksonville Jaguar the Victim of Car Burglary and Grand Theft

Florida Grand Theft Lawyer

Richard Murphy is a football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Last month, his truck was stolen and burglarized.  He found his Dodge Ram missing on Thursday morning.  He found broken glass surrounding the area where he left his truck.  He … Continue reading

How Do You Seal or Expunge a Florida Criminal Charge?

Seal Expunge Jacksonville FL Arrest

Under Florida Statute Section 943.0585, you can expunge a Florida record.  Section 943.059 gives you the criteria that you must meet in order to be able to seal your criminal history if you are an adult.  The Florida record sealing … Continue reading