Duval County Juvenile Criminal Felony Battery Charges For School Fight

As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney and Jacksonville juvenile lawyer, I have represented children accused of fighting at their schools.  If your child is gets into a fight at school, the school may call the police.  Your child could be … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Child is Arrested in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer for Arrest

Was your son arrested in the St. Johns Town Center for Jacksonville grand theft?  Was you daughter arrested at Fletcher High School for Jacksonville affray or fighting?  Is your son is the Duval County Jail for Jacksonville drug charges, such … Continue reading

Arrested for New Florida Criminal Charges While on Probation in Jacksonville

Violate Probation in Jacksonville FL

May people in the criminal justice system are placed on probation instead of being sentenced to time in jail or prison.  As a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, I want all of my clients to successfully complete their Florida probation. Still, … Continue reading

How Can I Clear a Florida Background Check?

When you apply for a job, the employer may run a background check.  This could cause you to lose your chance of getting the job.  If you are trying to go to college, the university or school may look a … Continue reading

Another Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of an Accident Hit-and-Run Case

Jacksonville Leaving the Scene of Accident Hit and Run

Yesterday, I posted an article about a Jacksonville hit-and-run car accident that police were investigating.  Early last Friday morning, a man was severely injured outside of a night club in the Jacksonville Landing.  Although it appears that committed Jacksonville fighting … Continue reading

Florida Battery, Fighting, and Affray Charges after Courtroom Brawl

Many people have seen a fight in Jacksonville.  The fight may have happened at a school, party, bar, or ballgame.  As a Jacksonville battery lawyer, I have represented many people charged with fighting or affray, aggravated battery, domestic battery, and … Continue reading

Jacksonville Aggravated Battery Charges May Be Dropped

Jacksonville Beach Battery Charge

Jacksonville Self-Defense Lawyers enjoy writing about cases that they believe may have had something to do with a person defending himself.  It takes the law and puts things into perspective.  On May 2, 2012, I wrote an article about a … Continue reading