St Johns County Theft Turns Into Aggravated Battery

Shoplifting is not an uncommon occurrence. As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people that have been accused of shoplifting in Duval, Clay, and St. Johns County. Shoplifting charges may range from petit theft to grand theft depending on … Continue reading

Florida Battery on a Pregnant Woman and Child Abuse Near Jacksonville FL

Florida has different types of battery charges.  If you intentionally touch or strike another person against that person’s will, this is Florida simple battery.  It is a misdemeanor.  A simple battery charge can change based on the victim of the … Continue reading

Jacksonville Escort and Five Others Arrested for Florida Prostitution Ring

Police were investigating a possible prostitution ring in North Florida.  “Police said they began using a website Thursday for escort services in Gainesville and Jacksonville. They made contact with three separate services offered in advertisements and set up three appointments … Continue reading

Florida Aggravated Assault Charges for Jacksonville Beach Attack

Yesterday, I wrote an article on this Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Blog.  It was called Jacksonville Domestic Battery and Violence During Christmas.  I read an article about a violent altercation between a man and woman in Jacksonville Beach FL.  Due … Continue reading

Jacksonville Florida Assault and Battery Laws

Florida Battery Assault Laws

Florida Assault Laws Jacksonville assault can be found in Florida Statute Section 784.011.  The Florida Assault Law states: (1) An “assault” is an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an … Continue reading

Florida Battery, Fighting, and Affray Charges after Courtroom Brawl

Many people have seen a fight in Jacksonville.  The fight may have happened at a school, party, bar, or ballgame.  As a Jacksonville battery lawyer, I have represented many people charged with fighting or affray, aggravated battery, domestic battery, and … Continue reading

St. Augustine Arrest for Battery on Law Enforcement, Burglary, Criminal Mischief

St. Augustine Battery Charges

Many of us have heard about the “Zombie” attack in Miami, Florida.  In this Florida aggravated battery case, Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man eating his face off.  There were many reports stating that he was high from “bath salts, … Continue reading