Self Defense for Jacksonville Misdemeanor Battery Case

Last month, 26-year-old Christopher Hoffman was tried in Duval County for the murder of 19-year-old Ryan Ford.  At the trial, the prosecution argued that Hoffman was “responsible for the beating death of Ryan Ford at a bonfire party on private … Continue reading

Zimmerman Arrested for Florida Domestic Battery and Assault

Over the summer, Jacksonville criminal lawyers and people all over the nation watch the Trayvon Martin murder trial.  A jury, based upon the evidence or lack thereof, found George Zimmerman not guilty.  Zimmerman’s lawyers argued that he was not guilty, … Continue reading

Florida Battery on a Pregnant Woman and Child Abuse Near Jacksonville FL

Florida has different types of battery charges.  If you intentionally touch or strike another person against that person’s will, this is Florida simple battery.  It is a misdemeanor.  A simple battery charge can change based on the victim of the … Continue reading