I Was Pulled Over for Driving on a Suspended License in Jacksonville, Florida

Driving on a Suspended License in Florida

If you are pulled over in Jacksonville for driving on a suspended license in Florida, the police officer may issue a traffic citation or ticket for unknowingly driving on a suspended license in Jacksonville, Florida.  Unknowingly driving on a suspended … Continue reading

How Do I Get My Drivers License Back in Jacksonville, Florida?


If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked in Jacksonville, Florida, it may be suspended for one of several reasons.  Your Florida driver’s license may be suspended for unpaid Jacksonville tickets.  If you do not pay your speeding tickets … Continue reading

Florida Shooting Based on Self-Defense is the Fault of a “Hoodie”

Wow!  Really?!?  I just read an article that stated, “Geraldo Rivera finds real culprit in Trayvon Martin slaying: The hoodie.”  I am amazed. I am a Jacksonville Self-Defense Lawyer.  As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I have experience just about every … Continue reading

Jacksonville State Attorney Office to Prosecute Florida Self-Defense Case

Duval County Florida’s State Attorney, Angela Corey, has been appointed by Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, to prosecute the Trayvon Martin self-defense shooting case.  Although this Florida self-defense case is outside of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, Jacksonville’s State Attorney’s Office will … Continue reading

Florida Self-Defense Shooting Results in Focus on Florida Stand Your Ground Laws

Like many Jacksonville Florida Lawyers, I cannot seem to stop reading about the Martin-Zimmerman fatal, Florida self-defense shooting.  Yesterday, I wrote a Jacksonville criminal article about this Florida Stand Your Ground news story (Florida Self-Defense Case with a Firearm Results … Continue reading