Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys Perspective of 10-20-Life Statute

Jacksonville FL Firearm Lawyer

Florida’s 10-20-Life law was intended to prevent gun crimes.  Instead, this Florida gun law takes the power away from judges and juries.  The people that are in the best position to evaluate cases based on the facts and circumstances are … Continue reading

Jacksonville Lawyers and the Media in FL Criminal Cases

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer News

Florida has had many high profile cases in the past couple of years.  There was the Casey Anthony trial in central Florida.  Casey Anthony was found not guilty after being charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.  … Continue reading

Florida Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Case Witnesses Change Stories

I have been a criminal lawyer in Jacksonville fighting for people arrested and charged with crimes in Florida for several years.  I worked as a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney at the Duval County Public Defender’s Office and handled almost every … Continue reading

Jacksonville Beach Assault and Battery Lawyer for Self-Defense

Jacksonville Beach Assault and Battery

When a person is arrested for Jacksonville assault and battery, there is usually more to the story that what is written in the Florida police report.  Many Jacksonville assault and battery cases begin with some sort of verbal altercation that … Continue reading

Florida Criminal Charges Coming From Jacksonville Attorney

As if I have not posted enough blogs, information, and Florida law articles about self-defense in Jacksonville, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, and the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case, here is another Florida self-defense blog topic.  Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer … Continue reading

Florida Self-Defense to be Decided by Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Florida self-defense case has made national headlines.  It has thrown Florida’s self-defense laws and the Florida Stand Your Ground Doctrine into the national spot light.  Just last month, Jacksonville became part of Travyon Martin’s … Continue reading

Florida Shooting Based on Self-Defense is the Fault of a “Hoodie”

Wow!  Really?!?  I just read an article that stated, “Geraldo Rivera finds real culprit in Trayvon Martin slaying: The hoodie.”  I am amazed. I am a Jacksonville Self-Defense Lawyer.  As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, I have experience just about every … Continue reading