Resisting an Officer and Disorderly Conduct Charges During Jacksonville Protest

The majority of the time, a protest is a peaceful demonstration.  If the protest gets out of hand, it may result in violence.  For instance, Jacksonville fighting and affray charges may arise if two groups become violent with each other.  … Continue reading

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Claims Sovereign Immunity As Duval County State Attorney

  Jacksonville criminal lawyers are not immune from lawsuits.  Jacksonville attorneys can be sued just like anyone else.  The Duval County State Attorney’s Office is made up of hundreds of Jacksonville criminal attorneys.  It is the biggest Jacksonville law office.  … Continue reading

Duval County State Attorney to Prosecute Jacksonville Stand Your Ground Case

Last year was a big year for the Florida Stand Your Ground Law.  The George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case drew the most attention to Florida’s self defense laws.  Although this case did not occur in Jacksonville, Duval County became … Continue reading