Jacksonville Florida Self Defense Lawyer Update for Zimmerman Case

As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, it is interesting to following the Florida Self-Defense Case involving George Zimmerman.  This is involves Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law involving Floridian’s rights to firearms.  Many Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys watch this case because it involves … Continue reading

Duval County State Attorney Finds Self-Defense in Jacksonville Beach

After the George Zimmerman’s acquittal, Florida’s self-defense laws have been discussed and scrutinized in the media.  We have seen other cases across the nation where shooters have claimed self-defense, such as the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri.  Just last month, … Continue reading

Duval County State Attorney and Defense Lawyer Give Opening Statements

Michael Dunn’s murder case has been compared to George Zimmerman’s case numerous times (Jacksonville Dunn and Davis Shooting Compared to Florida Zimmerman Case).  While the cases are certainly different, the laws are the same.  Both Dunn and Zimmerman were charged … Continue reading

High Profile Jacksonville Criminal Trial Begins in Duval County FL

Jury selection began today in the Michael Dunn murder trial.  This Jacksonville criminal case made national headlines in November of 2012.  Michael Dunn is 47-years-old.  He has been accused of committing first-degree murder for the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan … Continue reading