Suspended Florida Drivers License for NBA Player

I read an article today about NBA star, Dwight Howard. As a Florida drivers license lawyer and Jacksonville criminal attorney, I do not normally go to ESPN as a news source for my profession, but I saw a headline that caught my eye. It was about Howard’s driver’s license being suspended. Howard is a 28-year-old NBA player that played for the Orlando Magic from 2004 to 2012. He now plays for the Houston Rockets. ESPN reported:

Florida Suspended LicenseDwight Howard‘s Florida driver’s license has been suspended after he failed to pay a ticket for running a red light, Reuters reported, citing court records. Howard was ticketed 10 times for running red lights in the Orlando area, and received four speeding tickets, 12 citations for failing to pay highway tolls and one citation for failing to change his address on his driver’s license, according to the report. All the violations are civil traffic infractions. Howard’s license has been suspended since at least Aug. 15 after he failed to pay $285 for an April violation in Winter Park, Reuters reported, although the rest of the cases have been resolved.”

This reminded me of some of the clients that I have represented. I have represented people that had their Florida driver’s license suspended due to problems in Clay, Duval, Nassau, or St. Johns County. They left the state and attempted to obtain a driver’s license in their new state. They ran into problems due to the Florida driver’s license suspension. If this happens to you, you should speak with a Jacksonville driver’s license lawyer about this. While a Florida attorney cannot advise you as to the drivers license and traffic laws of other states, she may be able to help you with the problems associated with your Florida driver’s license.

The worse thing that you can do with a suspended license is to continue to drive. This will cause more trouble than it is worth. It leads to criminal charges and ends up costing you more money in the end. If you are caught driving on a suspended license in Florida, you will receive it ticket for driving on a suspended or revoked license. A Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license charge may be civil or criminal. It may seem like a basic Jacksonville traffic ticket, but it could lead to a criminal conviction on your criminal record. If you continue to drive on a suspended or revoked license, you may become a habitual traffic offender in Jacksonville. If you are declared a habitual traffic offender, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for 5 years. This may also lead to increased car insurance rates.

If you have outstanding tickets, you need to pay them before your license is suspended. Beware that paying a ticket that is a moving violation will put points on your license. Too many points may cause your license to be suspended, so be sure to check with a Jacksonville ticket lawyer first. If your license has been suspended, an attorney may be able to help you with this too. Even if you are a habitual traffic offender, a Jacksonville attorney with experience may be able to undo this. As in Dwight Howard’s example above, driver’s license problems can happen to the best of us. We all make mistakes. It is just a matter of clearing them up.  Things can get worse if you do not.

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