Florida Arrest Does More Than Create Criminal Record

As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I have represented people that were arrested for various types of crimes.  Some people are innocent and others made mistakes. If you are arrested, your criminal background reflects this.  It does not matter if you are guilty or not.  If your charges were dropped, your background still shows an arrest unless you expunge your Florida record.  If you are found not guilty after a trial and acquitted, the crime is still there unless you seal your criminal record.

If you have been arrested, you may want to consider sealing or expunging your Florida criminal record as soon as possible.  It is a lengthy process, so it is not something that can be put off until the last minute.  You may call (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville criminal attorney about clearing your Florida criminal record.  You may also send an email to Find a Lawyer.

A false arrest can do more than hurt your chances of passing a background check.  Today, I read a story about a Nassau County man that has suffered in more than one way due to an arrest in Northeast Florida.  Nassau County is located just north of Duval County.  Ryan Wilson spent almost a year in jail awaiting his trial on Florida burglary and arson charges.  Channel 4 News of Jacksonville reported:

“After being wrongfully accused of arson and burglary last year and forced to spend 10 months in a Nassau County detention center, Wilson said he’s lost everything. Wilson was arrested in a string of arson fires to a number of vehicles and homes between February and May of last year, but he was acquitted by a jury in just minutes. A year before his incarceration Wilson, 50, was working at a bread company. But when he was injured at work, he settled a worker’s compensation claim, and the money he had been receiving with that claim ran out just last week.”

Wilson stated that when he was injured, he “wasn’t allowed to draw work comp and unemployment at the same time.” After he was released from worker’s compensation, he wanted to file for unemployment, but he was turned down.  “Wilson actually filed for unemployment earlier this month, but when he walked into Career Source Northeast Florida to check his status, they told him he no longer had a work history.”  Wilson stated, “They told me I qualified for unemployment, but by me being falsely accused and arrested, the statute of limitations ran out.”

When you are arrested for a crime, it impacts your life.  Sitting in jail for ten months will certainly change your life.  Can you imagine what would happen to your job?  What would happen to your business?  There would be a major impact on your family.  Who would pay your bills?  When you are arrested, it does more than create a criminal record, especially for those that cannot bond out of jail.

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