Criminal Diversion Programs in Jacksonville Florida

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As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I receive telephone calls from people that were recently arrested or given a notice to appear ticket in lieu of an arrest.  People want to know what will happen to them in court.  I don’t know exactly what will happen.  Every case is different.  There are a variety of factors involved.  This includes your criminal record, the type of charges, and much more.  You may have a good defense to the criminal charges.  You may have mitigating circumstances.  You may be eligible for a diversion program through the state attorney’s office.  This is something that you should discuss with your Jacksonville criminal attorney.  If you are interested in a program, your Jacksonville lawyer may be able to help you be accepted to the program.  It is important to remember that if you were arrested or issued a notice to appear citation, there is a charge on your Florida criminal background.  Your case should be handled properly, so you are able to expunge or seal your Florida record when your case has been closed.  Assuming you otherwise qualify, if your charges are dropped due to successful completion of diversion, you may be able to expunge your criminal record.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville lawyer about your case.

The 4th Judicial Circuit is made up of three counties surrounding Jacksonville.  This includes Duval, Nassau and Clay County.  Each county has it’s own form of diversion.  The Office of the State Attorney’s website gives a description of the programs:

Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI)

PTI was designed primarily for adult first-time offenders who meet specific criteria. Participants sign a deferred prosecution agreement with specified requirements. Some of these requirements could be remaining crime free, completing community service hours, paying restitution, participating in counseling. The offender’s progress is monitored throughout the duration of the program. Upon successful completion of the program, charges are dismissed. Failure to complete the conditions required in the PTI contract results in prosecutorial review and appropriate legal action.

Drug Court Program

The Drug Court Program is designed for defendants who have been arrested for offenses involving the purchase of drugs, possession of drugs and certain non-violent felonies that have been deemed drug-related. To be accepted into this program, defendants must meet specific criteria and undergo an intensive interview and screening process. The Drug Court Program consists of an intensive, level-based treatment program with random drug testing, case management, and regular court appearances. Defendants who successfully complete the Drug Court Program through diversion are eligible to have their charges dismissed. Defendants who fail to satisfy program requirements again face legal action through prosecutorial review.

There are also other types of diversion programs available in Clay, Duval, and Nassau County.  Your Jacksonville attorney will be able to help you with this.  If you are not eligible for a diversion program, you still need to defend your case or work for the best disposition possible.  Even if you charges are not dropped, you may be able to seal the Florida criminal record if you dispose of the case properly.

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