Downtown Jacksonville FL Theft May Lead to Burglary Arrest

Local news stations in Jacksonville report crimes that occur in our city everyday.  While they do not report all crimes that occur in Jacksonville, they do report stories that stand out.  Quite often, their reporting helps lead to arrests.  A Jacksonville burglary was posted on about a very unusual burglary.  The article stated:

“Police are investigating a smash-and-grab burglary early Sunday morning to the South Light Gallery on Hogan Street that cost a local artist two sculptures worth $4,400.  The front window was broken and two sculptures were stolen. Attached are pictures of the two Enzo Torcoletti sculptures that were stolen. The value of the statues stolen was $4,400.”

This is considered a burglary to a structure or conveyance under the Florida burglary laws.  This is a 3rd degree felony.  This burglary is different from other burglaries to a structure of conveyance due to the property that was stolen.  “The artist, Enzo Torcoletti says the loss represents more than money.”  Toroletti stated, “I can never make another one like it because they’re all different…. It’s a piece of stone. You can’t make an exact copy.”

“Torcoletti says someone used a piece of granite to smash through the front window of the gallery to gain entry.”  He is using the stone as inspiration.  He is going to use it to make his next sculpture.  He stated, “Maybe that fella that took it contributed to a piece of art. I hope I can do it justice.”  Pam Zambetti “works at the gallery where artists rent space and show their work.”  She “wonders if it was more than a random crime.”  Perhaps the person or persons that burglarized the building and stole the sculptures “came in and did their homework and saw that his work was high-value and targeted him specifically.”

Detectives with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will be investigating this crime.  They will question people.  As a Jacksonville criminal lawyer, I can see a variety of crimes arising out of this event.  This is not a Jacksonville grand theft case.  It is a burglary, so the person that is arrested for the incident will be arrested for burglary to a structure or conveyance and not grand theft.  More than likely, someone will try to sell the sculptures.  This person may be arrested for Jacksonville dealing in stolen property.  This does not mean that the person is guilty.  The person must be aware that the property is stolen.

With a case like this, more than one person may be arrested.  Also, an innocent person could be accused of a crime.  It is important for people to exercise their right to speak to an attorney in Jacksonville.  There is nothing wrong with speaking to a Jacksonville criminal lawyer before speaking to police.  There is nothing wrong with having a Jacksonville criminal attorney present when you are being questioned.  This does not mean that you are guilty.  It is your constitutional right.  If you would like to speak to a lawyer in Jacksonville, call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525.


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