Warrant Issued After Missing Court Date in Duval County FL

If you are arrested in Jacksonville Florida and you bond out of jail, you will be given a court date.  This is for your arrangement.  You must appear at your court date or have a Jacksonville criminal attorney appear on your behalf.   If you fail to appear on your court date and you do not have a Jacksonville criminal lawyer that appears for you, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.  Imagine that you were arrested for grand theft in Jacksonville.  The judge gives you a court date that is approximately three weeks away.  If you forget to go to court or miss your court date for another reason, the Duval County judge will issue a capias from the bench.

Duval County Missed Court Date

Uh Oh! Did you miss your court date?  An attorney at 20 Miles Law may be able to help.

What if you were issued a notice to appear in lieu of an arrest?   With certain misdemeanor crimes, a police officer does not have to arrest you.  Instead, he or she can give a criminal citation.  It looks similar to a Florida speeding ticket.  It is more serious than a Jacksonville traffic ticket.  It will show up on a Florida background check.  If you do not set a court date, a capias may be issued.  This is similar to a warrant.  For example, you were stopped by police and given a ticket for Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license.  You were knowingly driving while your license was suspended, so you were given a notice to appear for this misdemeanor crime.  You did not set a court date within the allotted time period.  The clerk of court issued a capias.  Not only could you be arrested, you will also not be able to get a valid license until you clear this matter up in court.

Will you be arrested if you do not take care of your capias?  Maybe.  The more serious the crime, the more likely police will seek you out.  If you are stopped while driving, the police officer will run your Florida drivers license.  If he or she finds this capias or warrant, you could be arrested on the spot.  If you do have an outstanding warrant, this could also show up when someone runs a background check on you for a job.

If you have an outstanding warrant, you should talk to a Jacksonville criminal attorney about resolving the matter.  Each case is different.  A Jacksonville lawyer with experience will be able to talk to you about your options.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 for help recalling a capias or bench warrant.




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