Jacksonville Traffic Tickets Erased By Sheriff

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Jacksonville Sheriffs Office erases ticket

We have all been there.  You were stopped by a police officer and given a Florida speeding ticket.  It ruins your day.  You keep wishing that it would disappear.  As a Jacksonville ticket lawyer and FL drivers license attorney, I can assure you that tickets do not just disappear.  If you are convicted of speeding in Florida or another moving violation, your ticket will put points on your FL driving record.  Many people ignore their tickets.  By doing this, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles suspends their Florida drivers licenses.

Yesterday, a Jacksonville traffic ticket case made the front page of the Florida Times Union.  This is strange considering the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Florida State Patrol issue traffic and speeding tickets all the time.  I am sure that they issued criminal traffic tickets for more serious offenses, such as DUI and driving on a suspected license in Jacksonville yesterday.  The case that the Florida Times Union reported is much different than a basic traffic ticket case.  The reason that it made the front page is based on an allegation of abuse in the justice system. First Coast News stated that a news anchor from Channel 4 News had the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office erase traffic tickets for her.  “WJXT Channel 4 traffic anchor Ashley Mitchem received three tickets from Officer Jose Marrero, after previously receiving two warnings from the same officer.”

She told the Florida Times Union that “she contacted [Sheriff John] Rutherford personally because the repeated interactions with Marrero made her uncomfortable.”  While it is not unusual for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to deal with complaints about police officers, there was something unusual in this case.  The Jacksonville “Sheriff’s Office policy requires that issuing officers and the Chief Judge be notified when tickets are voided, but according to the paper, that did not happen in this case.” 

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office did respond to the allegations by releasing a statement about the traffic tickets being erased.  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office “said the sheriff regularly fields citizen complaints and that this situation was handled appropriately.”

The General Manager of Channel 4 News in Jacksonville did respond to the allegation  “General Manager Bob Ellis emailed FCN a statement.

 It said that Mitchem ‘felt she was put in a very uncomfortable situation’ by the officer.

 Ellis also added, ‘She called the sheriff, just like many people in Jacksonville every day … To suggest she did anything more is irresponsible.’”

While we would all love our Florida traffic tickets wiped away, this is obviously not what happens.  It is not a normal occurrence and that is why it makes front page news.  If you do receive a traffic citation or have a problem with a Florida drivers license suspension, talk to a Jacksonville lawyer with experience helping people in your situation.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 or send an email to Find a Lawyer.

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