Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Drivers License

Jacksonville Drivers License Lawyer

Unless you can ride a bike everywhere, you need to fix your license.

If you have received a letter from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that your license is being suspended as a Florida habitual traffic offender, you should understand why.  Most five-year habitual traffic offender drivers license suspensions are a result of suspended license convictions.  Section 322.34 is the Florida Suspended Drivers License Law.  It is the law used for Jacksonville driving on a suspended or revoked license cases.  If you are convicted of this type of Jacksonville traffic ticket, your Florida drivers license will be suspended for five years.

Most people do not understand this.  They pay their Florida traffic tickets for driving on a suspended license.  They are convicted of the offense.  Then they receive a letter in the mail telling them that their license will be suspended for 5 years by the State of Florida on a certain date pursuant to Florida Statute 322.27(5).  This is usually when people will call a Jacksonville drivers license attorney for help.  A Jacksonville drivers license lawyer may be able to help you keep your license.

Obtaining a copy of your driving record from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will be very helpful to your Jacksonville lawyer.  I like to have a copy of it, so I can see what we are dealing with.  You want a complete driving record, so your Jacksonville attorney will know which convictions are causing your FL drivers license suspension.  Some driving on a suspended license tickets are criminal.  Others are civil infractions.  This will make a difference to your attorney.

Whatever you do, do not continue to drive after your license has been suspended as a habitual traffic offender, also known as HTO.  You may try to obtain a hardship drivers license, but you cannot apply for a hardship license until after your drivers license has been suspended as a habitual traffic offender for one year.  This is hard for many people.  We have jobs and families that we need to take care of.  Driving is a huge part of that.  Some people will loose their jobs if they cannot drive.  Single parents are the only mode of transportation for their children.  Who is going to do the grocery shopping and run the family’s errands?

If you need help with your Florida drivers license, talk to a Jacksonville FL attorney about it.  You may call (904) 564-2525 or send an email to Contact Lawyers.   It does not matter if your drivers license suspension occurred in Clay, Nassau, St. Johns or Duval County.  A Jacksonville drivers license lawyer may be able to help you.

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