Will I Go to Jail for Driving on a Suspended License in Jacksonville FL?

Were you caught driving on a suspended or revoked license in Jacksonville FL?  Did you receive a ticket due to your Florida drivers license suspension?  Were you arrested for driving as a Florida habitual traffic offender?  If so, you may be wondering if you will go to jail for driving on a suspended license.  The answer is maybe.   It depends on a variety of factors.

  1. Is the ticket a civil or criminal traffic infraction?   If it is a civil Jacksonville traffic ticket, you will not go to jail.  This does not mean that you should not take the case seriously.  If you are convicted of unknowingly driving on a suspended or revoked license, this will count against you on your Florida driving record.  Not only will you receive points, but it will also count against you for a habitual traffic offender suspension.  If you are wondering weather or not your ticket is a civil or criminal charge, read the Difference Between Criminal Charge and Civil Ticket in Florida or Is a Jacksonville Driving on Suspended License Ticket a Crime?  You may also contact a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer at (904) 564-2525.
  2. What does your driving record look like?  The worse your driving record is, the more likely the judge or state attorney will want a sentence that includes jail.  This is another reason that it is so important to keep your driving record clean.
  3. Do you have a bad criminal record?  Even if your driving record is not that bad, the state attorney will also have a copy of your criminal record.  He or she will review this before agreeing to a sentence in your case.
  4. Are you able to obtain a FL drivers license?  Even if your drivers license has been suspended, you may be able to obtain a drivers license in Florida.  Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak with a Jacksonville lawyer about your license.  Fixing your drivers license may help you with your criminal traffic case.

It is normal to be afraid of going to jail if you are facing a criminal charge.  While driving on a suspended or revoked license is usually a minor offense, it can spiral out of control if you do not fix your license.  If you continue to collect driving on a suspended license charges, you are creating a criminal record.  Sooner or later, you could end up in jail.  Florida Statute Section 775.082 gives the possible sentences for misdemeanor driving on a suspended license charges:

“(4) A person who has been convicted of a designated misdemeanor may be sentenced as follows:
(a) For a misdemeanor of the first degree, by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 1 year;
(b) For a misdemeanor of the second degree, by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 60 days.”

If you are arrested for being a felony habitual traffic offender, you maybe looking at a higher sentence.  Florida Statute Section 775.082 give the maximum sentence for felony driving on a suspended license and states “for a felony of the third degree,” you could face “a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.”

It is important to remember that these are the maximum sentences.  You may also have a sentence that does not include any jail time.  No one can tell you the sentence that you will receive in a certain case.  It is best to clean up your driving record and take care of your license so you will not need to deal with this.

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